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Hi! My name is Michael George. Thank you for visiting my website! I am happy to invite you to explore the magic world of Music. Have you ever dreamed to play any musical pieces, including your favorite tunes? I am here to give you the chance of fulfilling your childhood dreams. Fun, Inspiration, Innovation and Passion for the art of music are the qualities I live by and promote to my students.

Seeing and hearing music in everything is one of the healthiest ways to deal with the stress and demands of today's fast paced world.

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Benefits of Music

My three biggest reasons...

Exploring keyboard

Proper sitting at the Piano

Curvy palms and flexible wrists

Developing proper touch

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I first fell in love with the beauty of music when I was just 3 years old. Coming from a family with generations of surgeons and doctors, it came as a surprise that one of us wanted to deviate from the family trade. Thus the art was self taught until I was given formal music education at the age of 5.
Even during the compulsory two year national service I had a good fortune to serve in the army music band.
During my later four years of studying at the Pedagogical University my desire to dedicate my life to music would grow even stronger. I was lucky to be taught by amazing Erika Vasilieva who specialized in teaching classical techniques and interpretation.
I was taught a wide range of genres and after a number of very demanding exams I finished University feeling confident I was fully prepared as a performer and also as a teacher.
However as any youngster would, I explored many genres of music. I have experiences from stage and studio work...
...where I  composed and arranged music for successful international recording artists from the countries of former Soviet Union, such as Ani Lorak, Aviator, girl band SMS... and many others.
It was an opportunity for me to travel the world and experience being part of a celebrity's world tour. In the year 2006, I was offered a job in UAE, Dubai.
I later moved on to be the resident pianist at the famous, most luxurious in the world 7* hotel Burj Al Arab and stayed there for 2 years.
As far fetched as it might sound, a beautiful dream led me to Malaysia where I met my lovely wife with whom we have three gorgeous children.
On several occasions I had the honor of being asked to perform for the Sultana Kalsom and her children. She is but one of the many VIPs who seek my talent in soothing the mind and bringing joy to the soul through my music.
Wherever I have been in the world, I always taught music to children and adults while composing/arranging music alongside performing. It is a honor to impart the  wealth of knowledge gathered over 2 decades to my students.


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Selangor, Malaysia

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